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The Government of Gujarat, in the Legislative Assembly has passed an act, Act No.3 of 2008 called “Gujarat Professional Educational Medical Colleges or Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fees) Act, 2007” to make special provision for regulation of admission in the Professional Medical educational courses in the State and fixation of fees in such colleges or institutions and for matter connected therewith. As per the powers conferred to State Government, in Section 20(1) of the said Act, the Government of Gujarat, by way of a notification had constituted “Admission Committee for Professional Post Graduate Medical Educational Courses (ACPPGMEC)” to regulate the admission of candidates to the Professional MD/MS/Diploma & MDS degree courses. The mission assigned to this Committee is to carry out the counselling process in a fair and transparent manner. The admission process is conducted by this Committee strictly on the basis of merit of the candidate.

Rule No. 12 - Admission Procedure (P.G. Rules 2018)

(1) Admission shall be given online in the following manner:

  • (i) The admission committee shall prepare merit lists of the eligible candidates who have applied under rule 9 and rule 11.
  • (ii) The merit lists shall be displayed on the web-site of the Admission Committee and by such other means, as the committee may consider convenient.
  • (iii) The Admission Committee shall publish the schedule of online counselling programme on its website, by advertisement in the prominent newspapers widely circulated in the State, and by such other means, as it may consider necessary.
  • (iv) The candidate shall be required to indicate his order of choices of courses and colleges or institutions, online. Allotment of seats shall be made on the basis of merit, category of the candidate and availability of seats. The allotment of seats shall be published on the web-site of the committee. The candidates are required to obtain the print out of the information letter and bank fee receipt copies from the web-site.
  • (v) The candidate shall be required to pay such fee as determined by the Fee Regulatory Committee. The admission allotted to the candidate shall be confirmed on payment of tuition fees. In case, the candidate fails to pay the tuition fees within the prescribed time limit, the admission offered to him shall be treated as cancelled. Such candidate shall not be eligible to get admission in the same course in the same institute in the successive rounds of counselling.
  • (vi) The candidate belonging to reserved category may be allowed to get admission on unreserved seat as per his merit number in the unreserved category. The admission shall be granted to such candidate in unreserved category, only if he is eligible to get admission, in the higher order of preference of courses than that in the reserved category
  • (vii) Candidate seeking admission to the Professional Post-graduate Medical Educational Courses shall be required to produce a Certificate of physical fitness to undergo such course in the prescribed form obtained from a registered medical practitioner along with the undertaking. The candidate shall submit the certificate to the Dean/Principal of the respective College or institution, at the time of joining where he has been offered admission. The admission of a candidate shall be confirmed subject to the production of certificate of his physical fitness.
  • (viii) The Admission Committee shall decide to allot seats as per online process as far as possible.

However, it may decide to do the same by an offline process wherever it is expedient to do so.
In case, where considerable number of seats fall vacant, and it appears to the Admission Committee to fill the vacant seats, it may conduct the admission process for readjustment (reshuffling). The candidate can reshuffle seats/choice options during process of readjustment (reshuffling). In such readjustment (reshuffling) of seats, the candidate who opts to participate in reshuffling process, shall be considered for such admission. The candidate may either give option for upgradation of choices already given or submit new choices. The candidates shall not be offered admission on the seats available to him in previous allotment process. If the candidate gets admission on the basis of upgradation or new choice, then his earlier admission shall be treated as cancelled.
In case of contingency situation as it may arise, the committee may decide such mode of admission as it may deem fit.


The students, who have passed MBBS / BDS from Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Waghodia are eligible for admission in MD/MS/Diploma and MDS courses of the GUJARAT State subject to the final outcome of “SLP against judgement and order dated 07.05.2018 passed by the High Court of Gujarat at Ahmedabad in SCA No. 4391/2018 with SCA No. 4393/2018 and SCA No. 4395/2018;
Doaru Mp/6635/2019;
State of Gujarat Vs. Keyurkumar S/O Bhavikbhai Raval & Ors.”.